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Table 3 Inclusion and Exclusion criteria

From: Examining palliative and end of life care research in Ireland within a global context: a systematic mapping review of the evidence

Inclusion criteria
• Research focused on palliative and end of life care in accordance with the WHO definition of palliative care
• Patients who i) are in the last year of life, or ii) have a terminal illness or iii) would benefit from palliative care, as well families, carers and health care professionals
• Research with at least one author based at an Irish institution
• Primary research, secondary research and literature reviews
• Theses written as part of a higher degree (MD, PhD, MSc, DNP)
• Service evaluation underpinned by research methods
• English language
• Peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed published research
• Quality improvement projects underpinned by research methods
• Palliative radiotherapy or chemotherapy where the aim is symptom management as opposed to disease modification
• Research published between May 2012 and April 2017
Exclusion criteria
• Research based on data collected in Ireland where none of the authors were Irish-based
• Research on disease modifying or active treatment
• Grey literature including: Commentary papers; Editorials; Conference abstracts/proceedings; Service evaluation with no clear methodology; Audit; Case reports; Opinion pieces/letters; Guidelines/Guidance; Research protocols; Government publications; Reports; Policy documents; Statistical publications; Newsletters; Fact sheets; Working papers; and Technical reports
• Research published before May 2012