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Table 1 Research team members and their background

From: A public health approach to palliative care in the response to drug resistant TB: an ethnographic study in Bengaluru, India

Team member Role Background/qualifications
Researcher 1 Lead researcher and instigator of conceptual design. Author of field notes and observational study. Present during interview and recruitment process, contributed probing questions via interpreter. Lead for data analysis and coding. Introduced to participants as the lead for research alongside information sheet. Native to UK and foreign to the studied environment. UK based general medical training and fully qualified clinician at the time of study. Basic training in social science methodology.
Researcher 2 Translator for interview and recruitment process. Helped conduct interviews using topic guide. Provided valuable reflections and insights that contributed to data analysis. Native to India. Fluent in all local dialects. Indian based medical training and fully qualified clinician. Basic social science training and public health training.
Researcher 3 Supervisory role, contributed to theoretical development of the study and data analysis through discussion of data and evaluation of themes. Native to UK. Medical training in the UK, public health training in the USA and UK. Extensive experience in public ethics of TB treatment. Knowledge and experience of AYUSH.