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Table 3 Description of study sites

From: A public health approach to palliative care in the response to drug resistant TB: an ethnographic study in Bengaluru, India

Site Description
Site 1 A large Catholic funded private hospital practicing western medicine. Discussions were held informally with doctors and observations of MDTs, the ward environment and outpatient services were conducted.
Site 2 An autonomous institute specialising in western medical treatments of respiratory disease. Informal observations were held during a visit designed for recruitment purposes.
Site 3 An interdisciplinary resource group of community health professionals utilising multiple pathways to facilitate and promote the goal of Health for All. It focuses on public health system development, action on the social determinants of health and community action for health with a social justice perspective. Constituent members had a range of expertise spanning the social sciences, allopathic medicine, traditional holistic Indian healing systems (AYUSH). Observations were conducted over a month long period and informal conversation held with constituent members on issues ranging from the impact of AYUSH, the relevance of palliative care to TB and the impact of trust ethics on recruitment to the study. This helped enable me as the primary researcher to become more embedded in the culture and traditional practice.
Site 4 A traditional hospice based on the UK model. Practice included western medicine, social work and chaplaincy and spiritual support. Informal conversations were held with members of each of these disciplines during a day visit.
Site 5 A traditional hospice based on the UK model. Conversations were held with nursing staff and observations conducted during a day visit.
Community health centres Patients were met and consented for recruitment at various community health centres scattered across the city. The process of consent would often take several meetings during which observations were conducted.
Churches Local Churches of catholic denomination were visited and observations held. The role of spirituality was discussed informally with the community of brothers.
Temples Small temples were scattered throughout the city and visited for the purposes of observation only.
Community settings On several occasions people were visited at home to discuss enrolment in the study. Observations of their living environment and surrounding area were conducted.