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Table 2 Staff role of internal facilitators (IFs) who participated in the interviews (N = 38)

From: Facilitating successful implementation of a person-centred intervention to support family carers within palliative care: a qualitative study of the Carer Support Needs Assessment Tool (CSNAT) intervention

Staff Role N
Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) 7
Social Worker 7
Head of overall service/ management position (e.g. Hospice at home team manager, Family services manager) 16
Senior Hospice at Home team practitioner 2
Occupational Therapist (OT) 2
Carer support lead/ co-coordinator 2
Other Medical professional 2
  1. + In total, IFs from 32 sites were interviewed at both time-points and at three sites IFs were interviewed only once (one at three months and two at six months). At one site no IFs participated. At three sites a different IF was interviewed at each time-point. A total of 38 IFs were interviewed