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Table 2 Profile of participants

From: Healthcare professionals’ views of palliative care for American war veterans with non-malignant respiratory disease living in a rural area: a qualitative study

Participant number Pseudonym Job title
Focus Group 1
 1 MD1 Pulmonologist and Palliative Care Medical Physician
 2 MD2 Pulmonologist
 3 MD3 Pulmonologist
Focus Group 2
 4 RT1 Respiratory Therapist (Primary and Secondary Care Setting)
 5 RT2 Respiratory Therapist (Primary and Secondary Care Setting)
Focus Group 3
 6 MS1 Chief resident
 7 MS2 Internal Medicine Resident
 8 MD4 Palliative Care Medical Physician
 9 MS3 Medical Student
Focus Group 4
 10 RT3 Respiratory Therapist
 11 RN1 Registered Nurse
 12 RN2 Registered Nurse
 13 RN3 Registered Nurse
Focus Group 5
 14 RN4 Registered Nurse
 15 SW1 Social Worker
 16 CM1 Case Manager (Registered Nurse for discharge planning)