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Table 2 Overview of data collection techniques, time line and participants

From: Multiple and multidimensional life transitions in the context of life-limiting health conditions: longitudinal study focussing on perspectives of young adults, families and professionals

  Time Point 1 Time Point 2 Time Point 3
Young adults'
n = 10 n = 10
(two withdrew, but a further 2 participated)
n = 8
(one was unwell; one was not contactable)
Significant Others'
Nomination of family members and professionals by young adults, for data collection at time points 2 and 3 Family members, n = 10
Health/social care staffa, n = 10
Medical staff, n = 2
Family members, n = 4
Health/social care staff, n = 4
  1. aincludes one professional nominated by two YAs