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Table 1 Alternative translations for three IPOS items

From: Challenges in a six-phase process of questionnaire adaptation: findings from the French translation of the Integrated Palliative care Outcome Scale

IPOS Item French translations in similar questionnaires
Anxiety Anxiété (QUAL-Ea, ESASb)
Angoisse (STASc)
Being depressed Déprime/Sentir déprimé (STAS, ESAS, EORTCd)
La dépression (QUAL-E)
Sentir triste (MQOL-Re)
Shortness of breath Essouflement (QUAL-E, MDASIf)
Souffle court (EORTC)
Peine à respirer (ESAS)
  1. aQuality of Life at the End of Life: QUAL-E [25]
  2. bEdmonton Symptom Assessment: ESAS [26]
  3. cSupport Team Assessment Schedule: STAS [27]
  4. dEORTC Quality of Life of Palliative Cancer Patients: EORTC QLQ-C15-PAL [28] eMcGill Quality of Life Questionnaire-Revised: MQOL-R [29]
  5. fM. D. Anderson Symptom Inventory: MDASI [30]