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Table 2 Researchers’ characteristics

From: Palliative care for persons with Parkinson’s disease: a qualitative study on the experiences of health care professionals

Code Initials Gender Age Occupation and experience
I1 H.L. Female 35 PhD candidate, master degrees in Social Sciences. 5 years experience on multiple projects for PD, nursing care and 14 years experience in PD-patient care.
I2 M.S. Female 29 Master degrees in Psychology. Two years experience on multiple projects for PD and 5 years employed as coordinator at ParkinsonNet, a Dutch nationwide PD network
I3 M.G. Female 51 Senior researcher, assistant professor, PhD in Palliative Care, over 18 years of experience on research projects in palliative care, senior lecturer Qualitative Research, Nurse (NP)
I4 M.M. Male 50 Associate professor in healthcare innovation, director of strategy Movement Disorders Centre of Expertise, Managing Director ParkinsonNet, 17 years of experience on multiple multidisciplinary research and innovation projects for PD