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Table 3 Perceived facilitators & barriers for palliative care for persons with PD

From: Palliative care for persons with Parkinson’s disease: a qualitative study on the experiences of health care professionals

Themes Barriers Facilitators
Addressing needs of persons with PD and family caregivers A persons cognitive deficits and communication problems
Tension between needs from a person and his/her family caregivers
A lack of time in interaction with family caregivers
Early speaking about wishes and needs with person, family and health care professionals
Disease management Lack of clear responsibilities and roles in (introducing) palliative care
Limited resources; lack of time, high workloads and financials
More evidence and guidance in offering adequate disease management
Professionals need for training A lack of competences and specifically for the spiritual domain Training helps in feeling more confident
Communication skills; an open and sensitive attitude
Connection between services Limited communication between health care professionals Availability of specialized palliative care services
Care coordination; need for a central figure to coordinate palliative care