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Table 2 Database search terms

From: When is hastened death considered suicide? A systematically conducted literature review about palliative care professionals’ experiences where assisted dying is legal

Terms MeSH terms
1. Suicide OR assisted suicide OR assisted dying OR aid in dying OR death with dignity OR active euthanasia AND “suicide”
“suicide, assisted”
“suicide, attempted”
“euthanasia, active, voluntary”
2. Hospice care OR hospices OR hospice and palliative nursing OR palliative care OR palliative medicine AND “hospice care”
“hospice and palliative nursing”
“palliative care”
“palliative medicine”
“terminal care”
3. Professional OR clinician OR physician OR nurse OR social worker OR chaplain AND “health personnel”
“attitude of health personnel”
clinician*, physician*, social worker*, chaplain*, nurse*
4. Experiences Experience*
  1. *used to enable different forms of a word to be searched for simultaneously increasing the number of search results found