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Table 3 Meaning shifts among FGs from before training to after training

From: Palliative care training addressed to hospital healthcare professionals by palliative care specialists: a mixed-method evaluation

Sub-themes emerging from FGs before the training ← meaning shift → Sub-themes emerging from FGs after the training
‘Disagreement’ 1. Relationships between I- and II-levels ‘Synergy’
‘Hard communication with patient and family’ 2. Communication with patient and family ‘A collaborative approach to managing communication’
‘Perception of EoL care as useless’ 3. Clinicians’ competences in EoL care ‘Becoming competent EoL care clinicians’
‘Initial perception that meeting and integrating with PC specialists is impossible’ 4. Integration between I- and II-levels PC care ‘A possible integrative model with the PCU’
‘Difficulty in sustaining the emotional burden’ 5. Mindfulness of their own emotions ‘Training course to support professionals’