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Table 6 Three-way mixed MANOVA (multivariate) and three-way mixed ANOVA (univariate) analysis of the effect of medication

From: A rapid positive influence of S-ketamine on the anxiety of patients in palliative care: a retrospective pilot study

  Anxiety & depressionAnxietyDepression
  Test statisticsSig. 2-tailedTest statisticsSig. 2-tailedEffect sizeTest statisticsSig. 2-tailedEffect size
Med.EffectF(2, 11)pF(1, 12)prF(1, 12)pr
B T1Group0.590.570.920.360.270.050.830.06
B T10.940.420.190.680.121.650.220.35
Group x B T10.870.450.540.480.210.110.740.10
Time x B T10.180.840.330.580.160.040.840.06
Group x time4.280.042*6.710.024*0.600.440.520.19
Group x time x B T10.990.400.030.860.051.350.270.32
A T1Group0.010.990.010.910.030.020.900.04
A T13.170.082+6.800.023*0.601.530.240.34
Group x A T10.700.521.520.240.340.410.540.18
Time x A T10.570.581.210.290.300.460.510.19
Group x time3.030.090+5.620.035*0.560.990.340.28
Group x time x A T11.410.290.150.710.110.860.370.26
  1. Med.: Medication
  2. B T1: Benzodiazepines at T1
  3. A T1: Antidepressants at T1
  4. *p: statistical significance p < 0.05
  5. +p: trend to statistical significance: 0.05 < p < 0.10