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Table 2 FamPALcare Coaching Intervention (X1-X7) Sequence with Data Collection (O1-O3)

From: Study protocol of coaching end-of-life palliative care for advanced heart failure patients and their family caregivers in rural appalachia: a randomized controlled trial

Random Group AssignmentFamPALcare Intervention and Standard Care GroupsFollow-up Data Collection Post-Intervention
 Baseline DataFamPALcare Intervention3 months Booster6 months
Group 1 FamPALcare InterventionO1X1–X5
Weekly intervention across 5 weeks
X6, O2
Reinforcement on EOLPC options
X7, O3
Evaluation of FamPALcare
Group 2 Standard CareO1Standard careO2O3
  1. Note. O1-O3 = observation, data collection time points; X1–X5 = FamPALcare coaching intervention of weekly home visits. Nurse-administered and conducted across 5 weeks, X6 = Booster Reinforcement at 3 months and reinforcement on each family selected conservative EOLPC options for patients and family members. X7 = Evaluation of FamPALcare