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Table 3 Measures and Instrument for Specific Aim 1 (Data collection at baseline, 3, and 6 months)

From: Study protocol of coaching end-of-life palliative care for advanced heart failure patients and their family caregivers in rural appalachia: a randomized controlled trial

Measures: Specific Aim 1, Hypothesis 1a, 1bOperationally Defined
1a. Patient’s Kansas City Cardiomyopathy Questionnaire (KCCQ) [37] 12-item Likert.a, c, d, e [completed by patient]Management of HF status, HF-related symptoms (i.e. breathlessness) and physical function status, α = 0.90.a
1a. Tabulate proportion of patients selecting HF EOLPC options and signing advance directives, and.Identify preferred HF conservative care options.
Signed directives and confirmed EOLPC options
1a.1b Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-4) Scale, [38] 4-item Likert.a, b,e [completed by patient & caregiver]Assess patient’s/family caregiver’s depression and anxiety, α = 0.82.a Referral will be made [39].
1a.1b HF Home-Care Skills, [40] 9-item Likert.a, b, d, e [completed by patient & caregiver]HF home care skills (i.e., if the patient’s legs/ feet are swollen, I contact MD/nurse), α = 0.80.
1a.1b. Confidence in HF home care, [41] 4-item multiple choice.a, e, f [completed by patient & caregiver]Perceived confidence in providing home HF EOLPC, α = 0.87a “How confident are you in managing your worsening HF at home?”
1a.1b. Preparedness for HF EOLPC Home Care, [42] 1-item Likert.c, e [completed by patient & caregiver]Perceived readiness/ability to manage home HF EOLPC.
1b. Caregivers’ quality of life (QoL) SF12v2, [43] 12-item Likert a, c, d, e [completed by caregiver]Caregivers’ physical and mental health outcomes.
α = 0.90 to 0.93.
1b. Short-form Zarit Caregiver Burden Interviews, [44, 45] 12-item Likert.a, c, d, e [completed by caregiver]Record physical, social, financial, and emotional components of home caregiving burden, α = 0.89.a, b
  1. Questionnaire Reliabilitya, b, c & Validityd, e, f; aCronbach’s alpha with HF patients; bCronbach’s alpha with healthy population; cReliability reported for adults with chronic illnesses >0.70; dFactor analysis loadings of subscales >0.35; eEstablished concurrent validity using correlation with other instruments or clinical ratings in known groups; fPublished norms or ranges