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Table 1 Coverage of specialist palliative care services in Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe and Hungary in 2012 [6] [7]

From: Implementation of palliative care consult Service in Hungary – integration barriers and facilitators

ServiceWestern EuropeCentral and Eastern EuropeHungaryRecommended ratioCoverage of Hungary
services per 100,000 inhabitantsservice/100,000 inhabitantsdetected/neededbservices; %
Home care team0,40,210,69169/99; 69%
Inpatient palliative care services0,350,140,130,513/50; 26%
Consult servicesa0,30,080,03 0,53/50; 6%
  1. aNamed in the study as hospital support team;
  2. bDetected services are the actual number of services in Hungary. To calculate the demand of services needed, the population of 100,000 units is multiplied by that ratio recommended for 100,000, suggested by EAPC White Paper [7]