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Table 2 List of interview partners in the “Palliative Consulting Services” Programme qualitative evaluation

From: Implementation of palliative care consult Service in Hungary – integration barriers and facilitators

 Interview partner groupsPosition
Managers (N = 4)Manager of the programme (N = 2)Medical Director of the Clinical Centre
Head of the Department of Primary Health Care
Initiator of the programme (N = 1)Head of the Department of the Hospice-Palliative Care Department
Representative of sponsor/payer organisations (N = 1)University of Pécs, Health Insurance Department Heada
Physicians (N = 3)Palliative care team physician
Physician requesting consultation
Palliative care physician in the home care
Non-physician healthcare professional (N = 4)Hospice nurse and coordinator in the palliative care team
Palliative care team psychologist
Head nurse at a clinical department
Head nurse at a clinical department
Informal caregivers (N = 2)Relative of a patient
Relative of a patient
Patients (N = 2)Patient involved in PCCS programme
Patient involved in PCCS programme
  1. aNote that there is no specific macro-level funding to this project beyond the hospital's normal financial sources. Therefore, the interviewee was a representative of the academic hospital