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Table 1 Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Patients (n = 382)

From: Frequency of discussing and documenting advance care planning in primary care: secondary analysis of a multicenter cross-sectional observational study

Age (mean ± standard deviation)77.4 ± 7.9 
Living situation
 Living with family29878.0
 Living alone5915.4
 Care facility82.1
Main underlying disease
 Cardiovascular disease (excluding hypertension)389.9
 Neurological disease184.7
 Respiratory disease133.4
 Musculoskeletal disease82.1
 Mental disorder61.6
 Gastroesophageal reflux disease61.6
 Kidney disease51.3
 Liver disease30.8
Palliative performance scale
Current use of care services
 No care service31181.4
 One or more care services7118.6
Types of care services used (Multiple answers)a
 Home visit nursing112.9
 Nursing care services164.2
 Home visit pharmacist10.3
 Day care service5414.1
 Specialized palliative care service20.5
  1. aThe type of care service used involved multiple choice questions, and most patients did not use the care services