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Table 2 Training topics – Detailed training curricula, as reported by two national champions, give an illustrative example of possible training concepts

From: “From good hearted community members we get volunteers” – an exploratory study of palliative care volunteers across Africa

RespondentTraining topics
R11_MOZAMBIQUEintroduction to the course; home visits/ social services; basic concepts on STI, HIV/AIDS; forms of HIV/AIDS prevention; nutrition education; chronic diseases more frequent; basic health care; education for the treatment; the burden of cancer/HIV; palliative care; registers and collecting data
R3_KENYAIntroduction to palliative care concepts; pain and symptom management; death and dying; breaking bad news; psychosocial support; bereavement; spiritual care; ethical issues in palliative care; the burden of cancer/HIV; home care; teamwork