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Table 1 Selected Search Strategies for review articles

From: Challenges on the provision of palliative care for patients with cancer in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review of reviews

SearchSearch TermHits
S1Search ((((challenges [Title/Abstract]) OR obstacles [Title/Abstract]) OR limitations [Title/Abstract]) OR problems [Title/Abstract]) OR barriers [Title/Abstract]1,051,391
S2Search ((provision [Title/Abstract]) OR bringing [Title/Abstract]) OR access [Title/Abstract]350,573
S3Search (((((palliative care [MeSH Terms]) OR palliative medicine [Title/Abstract]) OR hospice care [Title/Abstract]) OR supportive care [Title/Abstract]) OR terminal care [Title/Abstract]) OR end of life care [Title/Abstract]72,182
S4Search (((((cancer [Title/Abstract]) OR tumor [Title/Abstract]) OR neoplasms [Title/Abstract]) OR terminal cancer [Title/Abstract]) OR metastatic cancer [Title/Abstract]) OR malignant [Title/Abstract]2,462,108
S5Search review*[Title/Abstract] Sort by: Best Match1,878,924
S7S1 AND S2 AND S3 AND S4 AND S5 (Limiters - Date of Publication: 20000101–20,190,110; English Language)79
S1TI challenges OR TI barriers OR TI problems OR TI limitations OR TI obstacles68,419
S2AB challenges OR AB barriers OR AB problems OR AB limitations OR AB obstacles373,747
S3AB provision OR AB bringing OR AB access110,926
S4TI provision OR TI bringing OR TI access30,549
S5TI palliative care OR TI palliative medicine OR TI hospice care OR TI supportive care OR TI terminal care OR TI end of life care22,990
S5AB palliative care OR AB palliative medicine OR AB hospice care OR AB supportive care OR AB terminal care OR AB end of life care25,576
S7AB cancer OR AB tumor OR AB neoplasms OR AB terminal cancer OR AB metastatic cancer OR AB malignant270,124
S8TI cancer OR TI tumor OR TI neoplasms OR TI terminal cancer OR TI metastatic cancer OR TI malignant252,261
S9TI review*176,934
S10AB review*366,746
S11S1 OR S2416,347
S12S3 OR S4130,606
S13S5 OR S637,837
S14S7 OR S8392,676
S15S9 OR S10473,045
S16S11 AND S12 AND S13 AND S14 AND S1574
S17S11 AND S12 AND S13 AND S14 AND S15 (Limiters - Date of Publication: 20000101–20,190,110; English Language)71
  1. Explanation of abbreviations: S Search; MeSH Medical Subject Headings; AB Abstract; TI Title