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Table 1 Recommendations for Integrated Palliative Care at Macro Level

From: Disseminating research findings using a massive online open course for maximising impact and developing recommendations for practice

No.MACRO RecommendationsMeanSDOverall Ranking
6National palliative care regulations and policies should be extended to apply to all patients with palliative care needs, not just those with cancer.8.590.941
3Palliative care regulations and policies should be extended to apply to non-cancer patients as well (for example COPD, heart failure and dementia).8.521.113
13Palliative care should be integrated into mandatory education for undergraduate medical, health and social care professionals.8.421.215
14Continuing professional development for all health and social care professionals should include coverage of integrated palliative care.8.261.079
5For integration to work, new and creative ways of securing resources and specific funding should be established which can support the palliative care infrastructure.7.951.2818
10There needs to be national level strategic lobbying to develop and fund better integrated palliative care.7.951.3919
16Disease/condition specific national policies should integrate palliative care.7.951.3020
17There is a need for strong leadership to advocate for integrated palliative care.7.941.5121
18There is a need to invest in the development of future integrated palliative care leadership skills.7.881.4423
15Social care should be part of integrated palliative care.7.511.2226