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Table 2 Recommendations for Integrated Palliative care at Meso Level

From: Disseminating research findings using a massive online open course for maximising impact and developing recommendations for practice

No.MESO RecommendationsMeanSDOverall
4The digital transfer of information should be integrated within and across different palliative care services and general services including community and hospital teams, and patients and families.8.361.097
2An information hub, (online or a face-to-face central resource for the coordination of information exchange), with a care co-ordination team should be established to contribute to the integration of palliative care services across the area.8.121.2812
21Raise awareness of integrated palliative care for senior managers and policy makers.8.081.2613
1Outcome measures to assess quality of integrated palliative care services should be developed.8.051.1714
23Outcomes of integrated palliative care should be audited and benchmarked.8.051.2515
12Develop alliances within and between health care sectors to build better integration.8.011.2117