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Table 3 Recommendations for Integrated Palliative Care at Micro level

From: Disseminating research findings using a massive online open course for maximising impact and developing recommendations for practice

No.MICRO RecommendationsMeanSDOverall Ranking
25Integrated palliative care should encompass different dimensions of care including physical, psychological and spiritual aspects.8.580.952
26Integrated palliative care should involve assessments which are regularly updated and shared with other healthcare professionals within the care team.8.450.974
22Access to readily available and affordable essential medicines are necessary for integrated palliative care.8.421.206
9Develop systems that provide adequate out-of-hours integrated palliative care so that health care practitioners can maintain their work/life balance.8.301.218
24Raise public awareness about palliative care and its integration with healthcare.8.241.1310
19Establish needs based referral systems to guide timely referrals to integrated palliative care.8.161.1711
8Clinical protocols should be introduced to ensure integration of palliative care services for patients and families regardless of the setting where they are treated.8.041.2216
20Establish a single point of contact for integrated palliative care at local level.7.911.5822
7Building of informal relationships between health professionals are a foundation for formal structures which are pivotal for the integration of palliative care.7.811.4324