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Table 3 Carer’s characteristics (n = 9)

From: Two faces of the same coin: a qualitative study of patients’ and carers’ coexistence with chronic breathlessness associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Median age (IQR)70 (69–79)
 Oceanian (Australia or New Zealand)6
 North-West European3
Highest level of education
 Did not complete high school4
 Completed high school3
 University degree2
Marital status
 Married or de facto9
Living with the patient
Median time living with the patient (years) (IQR)45 (21–56)
Hands on care
For how long has the carer been providing hands-on-care? (median time in years) (IQR)4 (3–5)
Time spent together weekly
  > 40 h7
 20–40 h1
 10–20 h1
Other people involved in providing care
Changes to employment status due to patient’s condition