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Table 1 Key messages that Palliative Care professional convey on their clinical interaction with patients and families

From: Palliative care in its own discourse: a focused ethnography of professional messaging in palliative care

Message 1: We are a team: focused in your wellbeingMessage 2: You matter: we want to meet you as a personMessage 3: Family matters: they are also importante to us
a) We are a multidisciplinary teama) We want to know about you as a persona) We are here to relieve the suffering of the family
- Multidisciplinary team to attend your holistic needs- Life moments/experiences- We help to resolve problems
- We show more what we do (actions), than what we are (identity)- We recognize you as the person you are- We want to support family too
- We tend not to use the term “palliative care” directly. We use it carefully
b) We are experts in symptom controlb) We want to know about your experience with the diseaseb) We want to support the caregivers
- We use pain assessment tools to measure, (re) evaluate, and prevent pain and other symptoms- Disease trajectory- To take care of the patient
- Symptoms- To take care of themselves
- It is easier to start the conversation based con symptoms control- Clinical decision making