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Table 1 Simple tally of study variables for all study subjects and those with DNR orders as stratified by hospital release status (discharged or deceased)

From: Characterizing patients issued DNR orders who are ultimately discharged alive: a retrospective observational study in Japan

 All study subjectsDNR order issued
Patients, number61,037 2997 1228 1769 
Age, years64.1(18.7)80.3(12.2)84.4(10.3)77.4(12.5)
Patients aged ≥85 years6839(11.2%)1286(42.9%)738(60.1%)548(31.0%)
Female patients32,426(53.1%)1506(50.3%)730(59.4%)776(43.9%)
Non-cancer patients47,010(77.0%)1907(63.6%)999(81.4%)908(51.3%)
Internal medicine patients25,586(41.9%)2488(83.0%)1121(91.3%)1367(77.3%)
Patients who received invasive LST7935(13.0%)1073(35.8%)277(22.6%)796(45.0%)
Patients with invasive LST restrictions1941(3.2%)1858(62.0%)833(67.8%)1025(57.9%)
Time until DNR issuance, days  16.5(35.5)9.0(24.2)21.7(40.8)
Hospital length of stay, days16.5(31.1)48.0(65.0)55.8(76.3)42.6(55.3)
  1. Age, time until DNR issuance, hospital length of stay: mean (standard deviation)