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Table 3 A patient’s likelihood to be discharged alive as associated with other study variables (multiple logistic regression analysis)

From: Characterizing patients issued DNR orders who are ultimately discharged alive: a retrospective observational study in Japan

 AOR95% CIp value
Age, years1.018(1.009,1.027)< 0.001
Female patients1.336(1.120,1.595)0.001
Timing of DNR order: Early13.727(9.253,20.366)< 0.001
Timing of DNR order: Mid-term6.394(4.267,9.581)< 0.001
Non-cancer patients3.402(2.758,4.197)< 0.001
Internal medicine patients1.629(1.248,2.127)< 0.001
Invasive LST0.358(0.295,0.436)< 0.001
Restrictions on invasive LST0.956(0.793,1.152)0.634
Hospital length of stay, days1.005(1.004,1.007)< 0.001
  1. DNR: do not resuscitate, LST: life-sustaining treatment, AOR: adjusted odds ratio, CI: confidence interval. All explanatory variables were adjusted.
  2. Hosmer and Lemeshow goodness-of-fit test (χ2 = 14.7831, df = 8, p = 0.0635)