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Table 2 Characteristics according to proven or probable sedation

From: Midazolam sedation in palliative medicine: retrospective study in a French center for cancer control

CharacteristicsProven sedation (N = 48)Probable sedation (N = 6)p-value
 Immediate risk of death2143.8%466.7%0.60
 Refractory symptom2450.0%233.3% 
 Existential suffering36.3%00.0% 
Relief of the patient
 Unrelieved37.1%4100.0%< 0.001
 Partially relieved37.1%00.0% 
 Unknown6 2  
Information of the patient2143.8%116.7%0.38
Information of the family3572.9%466.7%1.00
Consent of the patient1633.3%116.7%0.65
On-call duty2756.3%350.0%1.00
Second sedation1020.8%116.7%1.00
Continuous sedation48100.0%583.3%0.11
Early prescription1429.2%116.7%1.00
Associated opioids4491.7%583.3%0.46
Induction dose (mg)N = 25 N = 1 NDa
 Median (range)3.0(0.5–10)3.5  
 Mean (sd)3.9(3.2)   
Maintenance dose (mg/h)N = 48 N = 6 0.68
 Median (range)1.0(0.2–7)1.0(0.2–2) 
 Mean (sd)1.5(1.5)1.1(0.8) 
Dose at the time of death (mg/h)N = 47 N = 6 0.21
 Median (range)2.0(0.2–24)3.0(2.5–20) 
 Mean (sd)3.4(4.0)5.7(7.0) 
  1. aND: not done (poor sample size)