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Table 1 Site Characteristics

From: Expanding the 3 Wishes Project for compassionate end-of-life care: a qualitative evaluation of local adaptations

Site Characteristics Center 1
Center 2
Center 3
Center 4
Center 5
Center 6
Center 7
Site Sub-Number     Site 4A
Ronald Reagan
Site 4B
   Site 7A
Site 7B
Hospital Characteristics
Country Canada Canada Canada USA USA Canada Canada Canada Canada
Hospital size (#beds) 570 455 955 520 281 260 495 214 433
Type of Hospital Academic Academic Academic Academic Academic Community Community Academic Academic
Faith-based institution Catholic Catholic Secular Secular Secular Secular Secular Secular Secular
ICU Size (#beds) 23 24 (MSICU) 34 24 20 15 20 8 13
19 (NTICU)  
Type of ICU Medical-surgical Medical-surgical, neuro-trauma Medical-surgical, neuro-trauma Medical Medical-surgical Medical-surgical Medical-surgical Medical-surgical Medical-surgical, neuro-surgical, trauma
Trainees Present Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
3WP Characteristics
Date of initiation Jan 2013 Oct 2015 April 2016 Dec 2017 Nov 2018 Dec 2016 Oct 2017 Feb 2018 Feb 2018
Background of core 3WP team 1 MD 1 MD 2 MDs 2 MDs 2 MDs 1 SCC 1 MD 2 MD (work in both sites)
1 RN 2 RN 1 RN 2 RN 2 RN 1 RT 3 RN 1 Unit Resource RN 1 Unit Resource RN
1 RC 1 RN Manager 1 CNS 1 CNS 1 RC 1 RN Manager 1 RC 1 SW 1 SCC
1 SCC 3 RC 1 RN Manager 1 RN Manager   2 MD   1 RN 1 RN
  5 SW 1 RC 1 RC   1 RC    
  2 SCC 1 SCC    1 RN    
   1 SW       
3WP Model C-2 C-2 C-2 C-2 B B B B  
Prior trainee at SJH N/A No No No No Spiritual Care Resident Critical Care Medicine Clinical Scholar Internal Medicine Medical Resident  
  1. In this table, we show characteristics of participating institutions and the 3 Wishes Project teams therein. The 3WP operates in 2 ICUs within one hospital (center 3). The 3WP operates in 2 different sites under the umbrella of one hospital (at both center 4 and center 7). In other words, the pair of Sites 4A and 4B, and the pair of Sites 7A and 7B each represent one health system that has implemented 3WP in two wards in different hospitals. Initiation refers to date of initial engagement with the original site’s 3WP methods center. For explanation of the different 3WP models, please see Supplemental Figure A
  2. (MD medical doctor, RN registered nurse, RC research coordinator, SW social worker, SCC spiritual care clinician, CNS clinical nurse specialist)