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Table 1 Measurements of the study

From: Collaborative advance care planning in advanced cancer patients: col-ACP –study – study protocol of a randomised controlled trial

  baseline post-intervention primary endpoint follow-up final assessment assessment after death of patient
patient relative patient relative patient relative patient only patient relative relative only
Baselinedata x x         
FACT-G x   x   x   x x   
FACIT-PAL 14 x   x   x   x x   
SF-12 v2 x x x x x x x x x x
PHQ-9 x x x   x x     
Peace-Scale x   x   x   x x   
Distress x   x   x      
Barriers of communication x x x x       
Treatment Expectations x x    x x     x
Evaluation of interventiona    x x       
Existence of advance directive/(c)ACP x     x    x   x
Conception of EoL care x     x      
Other supportive interventions x     x    x   x
CQOLC   x   x   x    x x
QODD           x
Inventory of complex grief           x
Circumstances of death           x
  1. anot applicable to TAU-arm