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Table 1 Search String (Medline)

From: What do you mean by “palliative sedation”?

  Search string
Medline (Clinical pathway[mh] OR Clinical protocol[mh] OR Consensus[mh] OR Consensus development conferences as topic[mh] OR Critical pathways[mh] OR Guidelines as topic [Mesh:NoExp] OR Practice guidelines as topic[mh] OR Health planning guidelines[mh] OR guideline[pt] OR practice guideline[pt] OR consensus development conference[pt] OR consensus development conference, NIH[pt] OR position statement*[tiab] OR policy statement*[tiab] OR practice parameter*[tiab] OR best practice*[tiab] OR standards[ti] OR guideline[ti] OR guidelines[ti]
  OR ((practice[tiab] OR treatment*[tiab]) AND guideline*[tiab])
  OR CPG[tiab] OR CPGs[tiab] OR consensus*[tiab]
  OR ((critical[tiab] OR clinical[tiab] OR practice[tiab]) AND (path[tiab] OR paths[tiab] OR pathway[tiab] OR pathways[tiab] OR protocol*[tiab]))
  OR recommendat*[ti]
  OR (care[tiab] AND (standard[tiab] OR path[tiab] OR paths[tiab] OR pathway[tiab] OR pathways[tiab] OR map[tiab] OR maps[tiab] OR plan[tiab] OR plans[tiab]))
  OR (algorithm*[tiab] AND (screening[tiab] OR examination[tiab] OR test[tiab] OR tested[tiab] OR testing[tiab] OR assessment*[tiab] OR diagnosis[tiab] OR diagnoses[tiab] OR diagnosed[tiab] OR diagnosing[tiab]))
  OR (algorithm*[tiab] AND (pharmacotherap*[tiab] OR chemotherap*[tiab] OR chemotreatment*[tiab] OR therap*[tiab] OR treatment*[tiab] OR intervention*[tiab])))
  AND (“palliative sedation” OR deep sedation[mesh] OR (sedation AND (palliative care[mesh] OR palliative medicine[mesh] OR end-of-life OR eol OR terminal care[mesh] OR terminally ill[mesh] OR critical care[mesh])))