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Table 2 Overview of the RE-AIM model applied in the BRIC study

From: Developing and testing a nurse-led intervention to support bereavement in relatives in the intensive care (BRIC study): a protocol of a pre-post intervention study

RE-AIM Characteristics Level Data collection
Reach Baseline characteristics Individual Demographic data cohort 1 and 2
Inclusion rate Individual Medical files
Efficacy Comparing the study outcomes (before, after; corrected for covariates) Individual Measurements in cohort 1 and 2
Adoption Proportion of ICU professionals using intervention elements Organizational Self-composed questionnaire among ICU professionals
Implementation Number of intervention elements received by relatives Individual Self-composed items added to questionnaire measured in cohort 2
Experiences with implementation Organizational Self-composed questionnaire among ICU professionals
Maintenance Long-term adoption of the intervention Organizational Semi-structured interview with ICU manager