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Table 1 Demographics of Family Caregivers

From: Blessings or burdens: an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) study on the motivations and their impact on end-of-life caregiving among Asian family caregivers

Identifier Caregiver Relationship Caregiver Ethnicity Patient’s Diagnosis Patient’s Prognosis (Months)
DPH14 Child Chinese Lung CA 7–12
DPH19 Spouse Chinese Prostate CA 6
DPH34 Spouse Chinese Lung CA 2–3
DPH42 Sibling Chinese Sigmoid CA 2–3
DPH53 Spouse Chinese Lung CA 2–3
DPH59 Child Chinese Gynaecological malignancy 12
DPH68 Spouse Malay Lung CA 4–6
HCA12 Spouse Eurasian Prostate CA 2–3
HCA68 Child Chinese Colon CA 4–6
HCA75 Child Malay Breast CA 4–6
HCA81 Child Chinese Endometrial CA 12
HCA87 Spouse Malay Renal CA 12
HCA109 Spouse Chinese Endometrial CA 6
HCA114 Spouse Chinese Brain CA 4–6
HCA116 Spouse Chinese Nasopharyngeal CA 6
HCA117 Spouse Chinese Pancreas CA 12
MWS004 Sibling Chinese COPD 12
SCS18 Spouse Chinese Liver CA 12
TTSH61 Child Malay Lung CA 12
TTSH65 Child Chinese Gynaecological CA 12