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Table 1 Characteristics of study Participants

From: Perceptions of patients with end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) and their informal caregivers on palliative care as a treatment option: a qualitative study

Details of patient participants
Name Age range (years) Duration on haemodialysis Comorbidity
Michael 61–65 5 months Hypertension, diabetes mellitus
David 18–25 5 months None
Peter 61–65 3 years Hypertension, diabetes mellitus
Martha 26–30 3 years None
Richard 51–55 3 years Hypertension, diabetes mellitus
Daniel 46–50 3 years Hypertension
Sandra 36–40 8 months Hypertension
Paul 66–70 3 years Hypertension, diabetes mellitus
Raymond 56–60 5 years Hypertension
Details of informal caregivers
Name Age (years) Relationship to ESKD patient
Gloria 51–55 Mother
Margaret 46–50 Mother
Doreen 51–55 Wife
Douglas 31–35 Brother
Paulina 26–30 Sister
Eric 18–25 Nephew