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Table 1 Estimated time used for the psychological intervention

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of systematic fast-track transition from oncological treatment to specialised palliative care at home for patients and their caregivers: the DOMUS trial

Components Estimated time used
Start of intervention 10 min
Home conference 75 min
Counselling with patient 60 min
Counselling with caregiver 60 min
Counselling with patient and caregiver 90 min
Transport time to counselling or home conference 30 min
Telephone need assessment 25 min
Contact with specialised palliative teams 10 min
Writing in journals after counselling 15 min
  1. Note: Transport time was assumed to 30 min, even though the project psychologists used 1 hr. The rationale behind this is that if implemented the psychologists would be affiliated with the local SPC-teams. Source: Four psychologists involved in the DOMUS-study