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Table 4 Public transfers for patients and caregivers over 6-months, in 2016€s

From: Cost-effectiveness analysis of systematic fast-track transition from oncological treatment to specialised palliative care at home for patients and their caregivers: the DOMUS trial

Public transfers
  Control (N = 159)
Mean (SD)
Intervention (N = 161)
Mean (SD)
p value
Patients €4666 (4624) €4364 (4386) 0.548
Informal caregivers €2066 (3279) €2240 (3925) 0.715
  1. Note: Public transfer are not included as costs in the ICER calculations. January 2013 to December 2016, N = 320 patients and N = 235 informal caregivers; p value marked in bold indicate that the difference between the two groups are significant on the 95% level
  2. Source: DOMUS trial data and administrative data from Statistic Denmark and the National eHealth Authority