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Table 1 Overview of the components of the EPHECT intervention

From: Is early integration of palliative home care in oncology treatment feasible and acceptable for advanced cancer patients and their health care providers? A phase 2 mixed-methods study

Component Description
Education of involved professionals of the palliative home care team - Educational session of two hours for members of the PHC team consisting of group discussions, case studies and education on drug therapies and side effects
- Training for the PHC team in working with the intervention materials
Information of involved oncologists - Involved oncologists are informed about the intervention and the role of the PHC team
General practitioner (GP) as coordinator of care - GP were contacted by data nurse to give permission for introducing PHC to his/her patient
- GP then contacted the PHC team to plan the first visit
- GP is the central coordinator of care and communicates with the PHC team and oncologist
Regular home visits by the nurse of the palliative home care (PHC) team - In-person home visits with patient and family caregiver
- Recommendation of minimum one home visit per month, but to be discussed with patient in first consultation
- Consultations supplemented with in-between telephone contacts if needed
Semi-structured home visits not only focusing on symptom management, but also on psychological and social care - Semi-structured conversation guide used in home visits of the PHC team in which following topics are embedded:
o Understanding and perception of illness
o Routine symptom management (ESAS at each visit)
o Organization of care
o Coping mechanisms
o Quality of life of patient and family caregiver
o Preferences for future care
Interprofessional and transmural collaboration - Collaboration and communication via telephone contacts
- Patients discussed by the PHC team during weekly meetings
- GP should be contacted after each home visit and if needed after weekly meeting
- If needed, GP should contact oncologist to discuss further actions