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Table 2 Content Analysis of Retained ACP Tools (N = 32)

From: Exploration of the acceptability and usability of advance care planning tools in long term care homes

Domain Frequency Example
Psychosocial reflections General 30 (94%) “Think about what’s important to you and how your values help you make healthcare decisions”. (Michael Garron Hospital: My Health, My Wishes ACP Workbook)
Specific 22 (69%) “What cultural or traditional practices are important to you? Do you wish the plans to observe certain religious or non-religious beliefs?” (College of Family Physicians: ACP Resource for Patients)
Communication about psychosocial issues General 32 (100%) “To do: … discuss your thoughts with those close to you; your family, your GP and other involved health care providers.” (Respecting Patients’ Choices Planning Guide)
Specific 5 (17%) “{T} ell your SDM(s), family and friends: What is important to you at the end of your life; Religious readings or ceremonies you want to have; Music you want to listen to; Books you want to read or have read to you; Where you might want to spend the last days of your life.” (Acclaim Health)
Documentation of psychosocial directives 7 (22%) “Goals for end-of-life care: What do you hope for most when you are near the end of your life? (For example: presence of family or other persons; access to places or items of significance; music; any personal, religious or cultural practices to be followed): {lined writing space is provided}”. (Respecting Patient Choices: Advance Care Plan (Aged Care))