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Table 1 Focus group participants

From: Challenges for palliative care day services: a focus group study

Site Focus group number Number of participants Designations
1 1 3 Lead Nurse, Day-Services Manager & Hospice Manager
  2 7 Healthcare assistant, Staff Nurse (n=2), Consultant, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist & Volunteer Coordinator
2 3 10 Principle Social Worker, Community Services Lead Nurse, Community Services Manager, Hospice Manager, Clinical Specialist Services Manager, Palliative Care Consultant, Administrative Advisor, Allied Health Professional Manager, Manager, Lead Nurse, IPU & Day-Services Manager
  4 9 Healthcare Assistant, Staff nurse, Physiotherapist, Volunteer, Community Nurse Specialist, Social Worker, Occupational Therapist, Volunteer Complementary Therapist & Community Nurse Specialist
3 5 3 Staff nurse (n=2) and Occupational therapist
  6 3 Day-Services Sister, Hospice Manager, Palliative Care Consultant