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Table 2 Guiding questions for semi-structured focus group discussions

From: Spiritual care practices in hospices in the Western cape, South Africa: the challenge of diversity

Positioning spiritual care services as offered by the hospices in the Western Cape
1. What is your understanding of the South African National Policy Framework and Strategy on Palliative Care 2017–2022 (NPFSPC)?
2. How does the NPFSPC influence service delivery at your hospice?
3. Does your hospice offer spiritual care services?
4. Describe the nature of the spiritual care intervention provided by your organisation.
5. What has the benefit been to the patient/family after receiving spiritual care intervention?
The role of spiritual care within a hospice in a diverse SA context
6. Describe the role of spiritual care as one of the four pillars of palliative care within your hospice.
7. How would you describe the role of the spiritual care workers within the Inter-Disciplinary Team (IDT) or Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) at your hospice?
8. Given the range of diversity of SA, how would you say this affects the thinking of spiritual care delivery within your hospice?
Skills and training needs of a spiritual care worker towards the development of a spiritual care training curriculum
9. What skills are needed to provide spiritual care services?
10. What resources are needed to provide spiritual care services?
11. Are your spiritual care workers trained in spiritual care?
12. What would you consider to be the curriculum needs of spiritual care workers?
13. What would you consider to be the curriculum content of a spiritual care training programme within a hospice palliative care setting in SA?