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Table 1 Case vignettes for pre-testing in the second iteration

From: Systematic adaptation of the Thai version of the supportive and palliative care indicators tool for low-income setting (SPICT-LIS)

Case vignettes Short description
1 50-year-old female, single, living with her parents at their home
Stage II cervical cancer, completed chemoradiotherapy, HIV infection with good immunity and controlled viral load, CKD stage V, decided not to have dialysis
Capable of doing most daily activities without any physical support
Underweight, cachexic
2 59-year-old male, married, living with his wife at home
Chronic alcoholism, lumbar spondylolisthesis waiting for a lumbar surgery, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease,
Quit his job due to dyspnea, depends on his wife for caregiving, able to walk small distances, but stays mainly in bed or sitting in a chair
3 90-year-old male, dependent on his unmarried daughter, lives at home
Stroke, vascular dementia, triple vessel disease with previous heart surgery
Bedbound, on nasogastric tube, hums without meaningful words, unable to move, depends on his daughter for physical support, the daughter has chronic muscle pain and insomnia