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Table 1 The process of reaching “Focus on reducing patient’s Suffering” category

From: Inducing a sense of worthiness in patients: the basis of patient-centered palliative care for cancer patients in Iran

Category subcategory code Participants’ experience
Focusing on reducing patient’s Suffering Reducing Patient’s physical Suffering and pain Using prescribed medicine to reduce pain “If our patient is in pain, we try to inject the medicine that has been prescribed for him/her as soon as possible to reduce his/her pain”
Reducing the pain caused by physical side-effects “We try to overcome the physical side-effects that appear in patients, one-by-one, and try to reduce the amount of pain they feel”
Reducing patient’s mental Suffering and pain Trying to reduce patients’ fear of future “They fear the future that has not yet come and we do our best so that our patients remain positive enough to reduce their fear and anxiety”
Considering reducing patient’s concern and anxiety “We try to reduce patients’ concern and anxiety by being beside them”
Reducing imposed pressure from care on patient’s family Keeping an eye on the family to reduce patient’s pain “We try to keep an eye on patients’ families because when patients observe that their families are calm, they become more tolerant and hurt less”
Reducing patient’s family problems while reducing patient’s pain “The pressure that the patient’s family endures when providing care, also exercises pain on the patient and we try to reduce this pressure on families”