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Table 3 Schedule of enrolment, interventions and assessments

From: Opioid therapy vs. multimodal analgesia in head and neck Cancer (OPTIMAL-HN): study protocol for a randomized clinical trial

  1. RT: radiation; 11-NRS: 11-point Numeric Rating Scale for pain
  2. Enrolment and allocation or randomization occur on the same day during the same patient visit
  3. The intervention with the analgesic regimen in question, titrated to the patient’s analgesic requirements, will start at the time of randomization, whether that is immediately prior to or during RT treatment, until the final follow-up at 3 months
  4. ф For women of childbearing age only
  5. ¥ From the time of randomization to the 6-week follow-up, patients will be asked to document daily average 11-NRS pain scores