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Table 2 Content analysis results

From: Unmet needs related to the quality of life of advanced cancer patients in Korea: a qualitative study

Themes Subcategory
1. Living as a cancer patient 1–1. Experience of mental distress with cancer diagnosis or relapse
1–2. Decreased functions and difficulties in daily life due to physical symptoms during chemotherapy
1–3. Want to be treated as a person, not as a cancer patient
1–4. Recognizing a big life change because of changed roles in family and social life
1–5. Finding reason and meaning of life and getting emotional support and comfort from family relationships
2. Strive to overcome cancer 2–1. Recognizing the importance of positive mind and try to restore mental well-being
2–2. Try to perform outside activities, such as walking
2–3. Try to adjust to a new life by seeking information related to diet and exercise
2–4. Obtaining health information and psychological support from other patients and families
3. Changing attitudes toward life after the cancer diagnosis 3–1. Thinking about the meaning and various aspects of health
3–2. Looking back on the past life and try to find the meaning of life
3–3. Try to share things with others
4. Ways to live a better life as a cancer patient 4–1. Need information about treatment, potential side effects, and health management from medical professionals
4–2. Desire to receive emotional empathy and hear hopeful stories as well as detailed information about care in a full and honest conversation with medical professionals
4–3. Want to share information and getting support from other patients