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Table 4 Program topics and the percentage of AYAs that rated the topic as being helpful (n = 66)

From: Development and evaluation of the Good Grief program for young people bereaved by familial cancer

Topic Percentage of AYAs that rated the topic as helpful
Other people are going through the same things as you are 92.42
You share strengths and values with the person who died 90.91
There are many different ways to grieve 87.88
There are ways to connect with positive memories of the person who died 86.15
There are ways to manage intense emotions that come from your grief 80.30
You are able to seek support when you need it 80.30
It is okay to talk about the person who died 80.00
There are ways to express your grief to yourself, your family and your friends 75.76
Mindfulness (e.g., being in the present moment) 61.54