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Table 4 Perceived benefits of online end-of-life learning on clinical care – Themes and subthemes

From: “It’s given me confidence”: a pragmatic qualitative evaluation exploring the perceived benefits of online end‐of‐life education on clinical care

Theme Subtheme
1. Perceptions of preparedness to provide end-of-life care 1.1 Affirmation of knowledge improves confidence
1.2 Recognising when end of life is approaching
1.3 Strengthening interprofessional teamwork
1.4 Currency of real-life scenarios in video format
2. Shifts in approaching end-of-life discussions 2.1 Proactively initiating end-of-life discussions
2.2 Being present and available
2.3 Listening and using silence
2.4 Enhancing discussion about end-of-life care needs
3. Motivation for engagement with online modules 3.1 Self-motivated learning to improve my skills
3.2 Flexibility of engagement for learning
3.3 Meeting professional requirements and recommendations
4. Perceived educational needs that remained unmet 4.1 What didn’t work and what could be improved