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Table 2 Type of Data Extracted

From: Engaging family caregivers and health system partners in exploring how multi-level contexts in primary care practices affect case management functions and outcomes of patients and family caregivers at end of life: a realist synthesis

1) Aim or purpose of the article
2) Type of article: systematic review, quantitative study, qualitative study, commentary, theoretical, grey literature, other
3) Category of outcome: name of quantitative outcome or qualitative finding
4) Specific details on results/findings
5) Relevancy: 1 = very relevant to case management functions, 2 = very relevant to identifying critical community resources, 3 = very relevant to identifying barriers and facilitators to case management, 4 = very relevant to local context but content not as relevant, 5 = interesting but not directly relevant, 6 = not that relevant
6) If-then statements were used to help extract data in the form of explanatory accounts. Configuring if-then statements at the time of data extraction provided a way for the team to initiate new hypotheses, and informed program theory refinement in later stages.