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Table 2 Selected quality indicators

From: Evaluating quality of care at the end of life and setting best practice performance standards: a population-based observational study using linked routinely collected administrative databases

Quality indicator Indicator of appropriate (A) or inappropriate (I) care
Place of death
  % of people who died at home A
  % of people who died in hospital I
Hospital admissions and visits
  % of people with ≥ 1 hospital admission I
  % of people with ≥ 1 acutea hospital admission I
  % of people with ≥ 1 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) admission I
  % of people with ≥ 1 Emergency Department (ED) visit I
Treatments in hospital
  % of people who were resuscitated in hospital I
  % of people who received tube feeding or intravenous feeding in hospital I
  1. a An acute hospital admission is an admission that can not be delayed because immediate treatment or care is needed within 24 h according to the medical specialist