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Table 1 Questionnaires used in the staff survey

From: Dying in hospital in Germany – optimising care in the dying phase: study protocol for a multi-centre bottom-up intervention on ward level

Dimensions Validated Instrument No. of items, response options
Overall Self-Efficacy GES—General Self-efficacy Scale [41] 10, 4-step Likert scale
Accompaniment of the dying and their relatives Self-assessment in dealing with dying patients and their relatives [42] 25, 5-step Likert scale
Fear of death and dying Thanatophobia Scale [43] 7, 7-step Likert scale
Team interaction / function IPS—Internal Participation Scale [44] 6, 4-step Likert scale
Miscellaneous questions
 Professional self-care strategies 3, 5-step Likert scale
 Sociodemographic data/ professional background and experience 11, diverse
 Satisfaction with end of life care on the specific ward 1; Numeric Analog Scale
 Stress factors in coping with death [40] 11, 4-step Likert