Cancer palliative care

This broad section considers submissions relevant to pain and symptom management for cancer patients, including studies related to rehabilitation, quality of life, and end of life care. We will consider quantitative and qualitative research, including clinical trials of pain or symptom control therapies, and health services studies evaluating the outcomes of diverse therapeutic models.

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  1. Research article

    Is admittance to specialised palliative care among cancer patients related to sex, age and cancer diagnosis? A nation-wide study from the Danish Palliative Care Database (DPD)

    Specialised palliative care (SPC) takes place in specialised services for patients with complex symptoms and problems. Little is known about what determines the admission of patients to SPC and whether there a...

    Mathilde Adsersen, Lau Caspar Thygesen, Anders Bonde Jensen, Mette Asbjoern Neergaard, Per Sjøgren and Mogens Groenvold

    BMC Palliative Care 2017 16:21

    Published on: 23 March 2017

  2. Research article

    Palliative gastrectomy is beneficial in selected cases of metastatic gastric cancer

    Salvage chemotherapy is the mainstay of treatment for metastatic gastric cancer (mGC). This study aimed to clarify the effects of palliative gastrectomy (PG) and identify prognostic factors in mGC patients und...

    Jun-Te Hsu, Jian-Ann Liao, Huei-Chieh Chuang, Tai-Di Chen, Tsung-Hsing Chen, Chia-Jung Kuo, Chun-Jung Lin, Wen-Chi Chou, Ta-Sen Yeh and Yi-Yin Jan

    BMC Palliative Care 2017 16:19

    Published on: 14 March 2017

  3. Research article

    Development the Care Evaluation Scale Version 2.0: a modified version of a measure for bereaved family members to evaluate the structure and process of palliative care for cancer patient

    The Care Evaluation Scale (CES1.0) was designed to allow bereaved family members to evaluate the structure and process of care, but has been associated with a high frequency of misresponses. The objective of t...

    Mitsunori Miyashita, Maho Aoyama, Misato Nakahata, Yuji Yamada, Mutsumi Abe, Kazuhiro Yanagihara, Akemi Shirado, Mariko Shutoh, Yoshiaki Okamoto, Jun Hamano, Aoi Miyamoto, Saki Yoshida, Kazuki Sato, Kei Hirai and Tatsuya Morita

    BMC Palliative Care 2017 16:8

    Published on: 23 January 2017

  4. Research article

    Opinions about the new law on end-of-life issues in a sample of french patients receiving palliative care

    In February 2nd 2016, the French government enacted the Claeys-Leonetti law that forbade euthanasia and established the right to deep and continuous sedation for end-of-life patients. Moreover, the law also ob...

    Augustin Boulanger, Théo Chabal, Marie Fichaux, Mireille Destandau, Jean Marc La Piana, Pascal Auquier, Karine Baumstarck and Sébastien Salas

    BMC Palliative Care 2017 16:7

    Published on: 21 January 2017

  5. Research article

    Barriers to venipuncture-induced pain prevention in cancer patients: a qualitative study

    Procedural pain reduces the quality of life of cancer patients. Although there are recommendations for its prevention, there are some obstacles for its management. The purpose of this study was to analyze the ...

    Marilène Filbet, Philip Larkin, Claire Chabloz, Anne Chirac, Léa Monsarrat, Murielle Ruer, Wadih Rhondali and Cyrille Collin

    BMC Palliative Care 2017 16:5

    Published on: 17 January 2017

  6. Research article

    Enhancing the quality of life for palliative care cancer patients in Indonesia through family caregivers: a pilot study of basic skills training

    Palliative care in Indonesia is problematic because of cultural and socio-economic factors. Family in Indonesia is an integral part of caregiving process in inpatient and outpatient settings. However, most fam...

    Martina Sinta Kristanti, Sri Setiyarini and Christantie Effendy

    BMC Palliative Care 2017 16:4

    Published on: 17 January 2017

  7. Research article

    The association between different opioid doses and the survival of advanced cancer patients receiving palliative care

    Concerns that opioids may hasten death can be a cause of the physicians’ reluctance to prescribe opioids, leading to inadequate symptom palliation. Our aim was to find if there was an association between diffe...

    Anon Sathornviriyapong, Kittiphon Nagaviroj and Thunyarat Anothaisintawee

    BMC Palliative Care 2016 15:95

    Published on: 21 November 2016

  8. Research article

    Keep in touch (KIT): perspectives on introducing internet-based communication and information technologies in palliative care

    Hospitalized palliative patients need to keep in touch with their loved ones. Regular social contact may be especially difficult for individuals on palliative care in-patient units due to the isolating nature ...

    Qiaohong Guo, Beverley Cann, Susan McClement, Genevieve Thompson and Harvey Max Chochinov

    BMC Palliative Care 2016 15:66

    Published on: 2 August 2016

  9. Research article

    Factors influencing the health-related quality of life of Chinese advanced cancer patients and their spousal caregivers: a cross-sectional study

    Cancer and its treatment have a major impact on the lives of patients and their intimate partners, such as on their health-related quality of life (HRQOL). The aims of this study are to: (i) assess the HRQOL o...

    Qiuping Li, Yinghua Xu, Huiya Zhou and Alice Yuen Loke

    BMC Palliative Care 2016 15:72

    Published on: 2 August 2016

  10. Research article

    Improving the quality of life of palliative and chronic disease patients and carers in remote Australia with the establishment of a day respite facility

    In the Northern Territory (NT) there is a lack of respite services available to palliative care patients and their families. Indigenous people in the NT suffer substantially higher rates of poorly controlled c...

    Timothy A. Carey, Kellie Schouten, John Wakerman, John S. Humphreys, Fred Miegel, Simon Murphy and Mick Arundell

    BMC Palliative Care 2016 15:62

    Published on: 18 July 2016

  11. Research article

    Integrated palliative care in Europe: a qualitative systematic literature review of empirically-tested models in cancer and chronic disease

    Integrated Palliative Care (PC) strategies are often implemented following models, namely standardized designs that provide frameworks for the organization of care for people with a progressive life-threatenin...

    Naouma Siouta, K. Van Beek, M. E. van der Eerden, N. Preston, J. G. Hasselaar, S. Hughes, E. Garralda, C. Centeno, A. Csikos, M. Groot, L. Radbruch, S. Payne and J. Menten

    BMC Palliative Care 2016 15:56

    Published on: 8 July 2016

  12. Commentary

    Palliative chemotherapy: oxymoron or misunderstanding?

    Oncologists routinely prescribe chemotherapy for patients with advanced cancer. This practice is sometimes misunderstood by palliative care clinicians, yet data clearly show that chemotherapy can be a powerful...

    EJ Roeland and TW LeBlanc

    BMC Palliative Care 2016 15:33

    Published on: 21 March 2016

  13. Research article

    To what degree is palliative care integrated in guidelines and pathways for adult cancer patients in Europe: a systematic literature review

    Palliative Care (PC) aims to improve the quality of life for patients with cancer and their families and its benefits have been demonstrated by several studies. The objective of this systematic review is to as...

    Karen Van Beek, Naouma Siouta, Nancy Preston, Jeroen Hasselaar, Sean Hughes, Sheila Payne, Lukas Radbruch, Carlos Centeno, Agnes Csikos, Eduardo Garralda, Marlieke van der Eerden, Farina Hodiamont, Ildiko Radvanyi and Johan Menten

    BMC Palliative Care 2016 15:26

    Published on: 3 March 2016

  14. Research article

    Integrating patient reported measures as predictive parameters into decisionmaking about palliative chemotherapy: a pilot study

    Systemic treatment has proven to improve physical symptoms in patients with advanced cancer. Relationship between quality of life (QoL) or symptom burden (SYB) and treatment efficacy (tumour response and survi...

    Anna Creutzfeldt, Anna Suling, Karin Oechsle, Anja Mehnert, Djordje Atanackovic, Melanie Kripp, Dirk Arnold, Alexander Stein and Julia Quidde

    BMC Palliative Care 2016 15:25

    Published on: 1 March 2016

  15. Research article

    Validity, reliability and responsiveness to change of the Italian palliative care outcome scale: a multicenter study of advanced cancer patients

    There is an increasing requirement to assess outcomes, but few measures have been tested for advanced medical illness. We aimed to test the validity, reliability and responsiveness of the Palliative care Outco...

    Massimo Costantini, Elisa Rabitti, Monica Beccaro, Flavio Fusco, Carlo Peruselli, Pietro La Ciura, Alessandro Valle, Cinzia Suriani, Maria Alejandra Berardi, Danila Valenti, Felicita Mosso, Piero Morino, Giovanni Zaninetta, Giorgio Tubere, Massimo Piazza, Michele Sofia…

    BMC Palliative Care 2016 15:23

    Published on: 26 February 2016

  16. Research article

    ‘I don’t think I’d be frightened if the statins went’: a phenomenological qualitative study exploring medicines use in palliative care patients, carers and healthcare professionals.

    There is a growing body of evidence suggesting patients with life-limiting illness use medicines inappropriately and unnecessarily. In this context, the perspective of patients, their carers and the healthcare...

    Adam Todd, Holly Holmes, Sallie Pearson, Carmel Hughes, Inga Andrew, Lisa Baker and Andy Husband

    BMC Palliative Care 2016 15:13

    Published on: 29 January 2016

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