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Table 1 Questionnaires used in the study

From: Study protocol: optimization of complex palliative care at home via telemedicine. A cluster randomized controlled trial

Patient questionnaires
Administered at baseline
   • Basic demographic information (7 questions)
Administered at baseline and every week
   • ESAS (Edmonton Symptom Assessment System)
- 10 items on symptom assessment
Administered at baseline and every four weeks
   • PNPC-sv (Problems and Needs in Palliative Care - short version)
- 33 questions on experienced problems and needs for care
   • HADS (Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale)
- 14 items on anxiety (7 items) and depression (7 items)
   • NCQ (Nijmegen Continuity Questionnaire)
- 28 items within 3 subscales on continuity of care
Family caregiver questionnaire
Administered at baseline and every two weeks
   • EDIZ (one dimensional assessment of care burden)
- 9 items on the experienced burden from informal care
Patient, GP and a member of the palliative consultation team
Administered after the first two teleconsultations
   • PSQ (Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire)
- 5 questions on satisfaction with the teleconsultation